Monday, July 1, 2013


"There is something that troubles me... You see yourself in everything I do. You have seen the similarity between someone who has been chosen on purpose to look like you. You've opened the heart and ask for your picture. You've told me I'm yours. And I wish I have been offended. 
Sometimes I think I know the answers, even before I ask the questions. The rest of the time I'm just wandering do you honestly care about me. The truth is - I don't think I wanna know. I could be anything, blind, jealous, sad, indifferent, impatient, all the bad thing you can think of. But one thing I'm not - stupid. I know I could never be yours... And the moment you'd told me that you want me I would have been crushed. Because than, I'd have to say no. At least like this I can still pretend that I have a choice..."
"I could be yours if you write me a letter.
I could be yours if you see me in the street.
I could be sometimes, always or never...
I could be all of the things you'd ask of me."

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