Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"...Epiphany - an experience of sudden and striking realization.
I'm pretending I'm running away from him, pretending I don't care. Hide and seek. I'm waiting for this feeling to pass, so positive it will. I'm deceiving myself I'm in control. I'm tricking only myself that I'm in charge. He has the most absolute power over me! It's the most absurd feeling that I have never felt before. All this time I was believing into something based on pure smoke: that he cares about me. I don't even know why. Based upon what? And suddenly this malicious realization that's been rotting my brain out....
What if he's not? It's even hilarious that it hasn't stroke me up until now.
And that's his ultimate power. He controls my every move, my every thought, every dream, every single breath. I'm depending on him to show a little mercy. I've gone a short way from being the mistress of everything he is, to miserable dependable creature."

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